13 Fishing Scamp 60


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The Airfoil Carbon injected bill is thinner, stronger, and more sensitive than any other. The tie-down makes direct contact with the bill, sending vibration up the line to the angler’s hands. It also excels at deflection and produces an erratic hunting action that triggers attacks. The high buoyancy design gives it the high float characteristics of an old school balsa delivering a fish attracting high rise retreat. 

  • Airfoil Carbon Bill
  • Superb Deflection
  • Hunting Swimming Action
  • Float Characteristic of Balsa with the Durability of Plastic
  • Ultra-High Definition Paint Finishes
  • High Definition Holographic Eyes
  • Mustad KVD Elite Triple Grip Treble

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Weight 1 lbs

Chicken of the Sea, Day Old Guac, Disco Shad, Dream Gill, Epic Shad, Fantasy Shad, Fire Tiger, Gizzard Of Oz, Golden Retriever, Greenie, Louisiana Frog Cakes, Mudbug Punch, Natty Light, Old Gregg, Olive Crush, Purple Nurple, Regurgitated Shad, Rusty Bream, Stunner, Truffle Butter, Tweetie Pie