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You know the feeling you get when a big, heavy buck you have never seen before shows up for the first time? The rush of excitement, the jolt of energy, the will to pursue; whether it’s from the stand or on trail camera, as hunters, we can all agree this feeling is one like no other. That feeling is one of the reasons we created 4S DRAW: A protein-packed powerful long-range deer attractant with an irresistible aroma deer will travel to and devour. Use 4S DRAW to attract more deer to your spot, in front of trail cameras, mixed with corn or to lure a stubborn, elusive buck out during shooting light (where legal, of course). Over the last 6 years, 4S DRAW has provided outstanding results for hunters, land managers and outfitters all over the country. Whether hunting or scouting, if your goal is to see, attract, hold, grow and hunt big healthy deer .. give 4S DRAW a try. You will not be disappointed! 

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