Bagley Bang O Lure 5 3/8oz

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Use medium tackle and fish tight to logs, stumps or weed-beds. Cast, let it set, twitch, set again, and retrieve. On the retrieve, it dives to 2 feet, often prompting surface strikes as you’re pulling in for another cast.

Ideal for big predators like large mouth bass striking at a wounded shad on the surface or a big pike gobbling perch over a weed bed. Cast it, let it sit, and twitch it. Watch the rings disappear before twitching again. Any slight disturbance means a big fish.


  • Heat Compression Molding
  • Ideal for Big Predator fish
  • Best fished on medium weight tackle

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Weight 1 lbs

Black Back/Gold Foil, Black Back/Silver Foil, Black Stripes on Silver Foil