Mustad Pro-stinger Spinner Bait Trailer Hook 5pk


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Adding a stinger hook to your favorite spinnerbait will improve your hooking rate on those days where the fish only seem to strike short on your bait. The Mustad Spinner Bait Hook is designed by Mustad Pro Kevin Van Dam. It features the ultra sharp 4.3 UltraPoint® Technology and a large ringed eye. Rigging the trailer hook is easy. Put the hook point of the spinnerbait through the eye of the Mustad Bait Trailer hook. Cut a small piece of the included surgical tubing and run the spinnerbait hook through the tubing. Slide the tubing down the shank of the spinnerbait to prevent it from moving off. The hook comes supplied with surgical tubing. Coated with Mustad’s own Nickel finish, which are 4 times as rust resistant as traditional Nickel.   

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