Rapala Shadow Rap Shad Jerkbait 3/8oz

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Predators know when a shad’s in trouble, and the agonizing, slow-rising habit of the Rapala® Shadow Rap® Shad sends that message loud and clear. Rather than suspending cautiously, the Shadow Rap Shad seems to float up against its will—and any movement of the rod tip brings out that signature horizontal struggling action that triggers the feeding instinct in large game fish. With its broad side profile, textured scale body pattern, and quick left-right turns, the Rapala Shadow Rap Shad produces plenty of flash, allowing you to alternate between aggressive and finesse retrieves. Fitted with premium VMC® thin wire black nickel hooks.

  • Mimics a larger shad in trouble
  • Agonizing, slow-rising habit on the pause
  • Horizontal struggling action
  • Broad side profile with textured scale body
  • Quick left-right turns
  • Produces plenty of flash
  • VMC thin wire black nickel hooks

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Weight 1 lbs

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