Stanford Baits Boom Boom Frog


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Stanford Baits teamed up with Elite Series pro, Fred Roumbanis, to develop the one-of-a-kind, Stanford Baits Boom Boom Frog. The only frog on the market that features Frogfur. This patent-pending innovation, located on the top of the Boom Boom Frog, greatly increases your hook up ratio. Frogfur snags a bass’ sandpaper-like lip, making it harder for them to throw the frog, resulting in more landed fish.

The Boom Boom Frog also features a diamond-shaped belly weight that is designed to not interfere with the razor sharp Mustad Wide Gap Frog hook. The weight system also allows the hook to extend out further on hooksets. Available in a variety of colors, the Stanford Baits Boom Boom Frog offers a host of key innovations designed to help you land more frog fish.

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Bull Frog, Dawg, Dirty Bird, Diva, Fred, Gilly, Kelly's, MudBug, Officer, Phantom