Storm 360 GT Costal Largo Shad 3″

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The Storm 360GT Largo Shad w/ Jig is a pre-rigged, shad profile soft plastic swimbait. This bait features swimming action with a slow body roll and exaggerated tail swing and can be customized by cutting or removing the “tail tendon” for a wider tail action. It swims on both retrieve and free fall and includes belly and back slots for easy rigging and maximum hook gap. The universal baitfish appeal makes this a “go-to” lure for any inshore or bass applications, and will trigger strikes from a wide variety of species. It’s pre-rigged with with a jig head with a VMC Coastal Black Hook and 3D Holographic Eyes. Available in 2 sizes (3 inch, 1/8 ounce jig and 4 inch, 1/4 ounce jig) and 18 colors suitable for fresh-, brackish, or saltwater applications. Each pack comes with 1 body pre-rigged with hook and 3 extra swimbait bodies (4 bodies and 1 jig total).

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