Millennium M-104 Foot Rest


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The M104 Folding Foot Rest adds maximum comfort to your M100 treestand. Treat yourself to a great hunting experience with added comfort.

  • M100 TREESTAND ACCESSORY: The M104 Folding Footrest is only for the M100 Treestand. If you want to add more comfort to your hunting lifestyle, then this footrest is a must have.
  • FOLDING FOOTREST: When sitting for hours, waiting for that buck to show, the body can get a little stiff. Even in the most comfortable chair. Having good footrest changes everything. Add this footrest and your hunting experience will be better.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Weight 2-pounds. Dimensions, 18-inches x 13-inches x 3-inches
  • HUNTING PIONEERS: Our exclusive features are the first of their kind. That is why no other stand on the market allows you to hunt longer, move quieter or climb safer than Millennium. We are pioneers of the exceptional hunting experience.
  • ABOUT MILLENNIUM TREESTANDS: Millennium Stands have long been recognized as the most comfortable stands on the market. Millennium stands are engineered for that purpose – to be the most comfortable and quietest stands period.

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